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It is quite clear that you are not satisfied with your current website and you want it to be redesigned as per you need. Thus you dont need just a website, all you need is a professional website that focuses more on improving your business growth. So if your website is not focusing on your business objectives then its the proper time to go for website redesign.

Redesigning a website will help you in attracting more visitors. One best advantages of redesigning your website is that your contents get updated, not just that you can also improve the way people browse your website.

In the process of redesigning of a website, we follow the given 3 steps:

  • Analysis your website
  • Client Interaction
  • Redesign process

Our first step in redesigning a website is to analyze the current website. We go through the current website analyzing each and every aspect of it. In this step, we concentrate on the functionality of the site. We also examine every feature of the current website before making any changes to it. Its performance on the search engine is also checked. The graphics and the images of the website are checked to improve it later. In short, the advantages and disadvantages of the current website are evaluated before moving onto the next step.

This is the most important step in our process. In this step, we discuss with the client about his requirement and expectations from the new website. We give them a brief review of their current website that was examined in the first step. By the end of this step, we are sure of what changes are to be made in the current site. The user explains his business goals and his special requirements that he wishes to see. This helps us to lay a plan for the project.

The actual process of redesigning takes place in this step. According to the plan laid out in step2, our team of trained and experienced developers starts the actual redesigning of the website. The reason behind our success is the balanced relationship between the whole team.

Why Website Re-Designing Is Needed?

  • To stay upto date with new technologies.
  • To increase search engine friendliness.
  • To reduces the cost.
  • To communicate in a better way with your customers using web2.0 standards.
  • To make your website load fast.
  • To make your website more appealing and easy navigation system.
  • To increase business revenue and sales.
  • Expand customer base and market share.
  • To make the website more visually appealing with latest graphical technologies.
  • To compatible for latest browsers like Firefox, IE, Safari and Google Chrome.
  • To have better accessibility in all screen resolutions.

Sir Darancoh Web Design and Re-design services is designed to provide you a high quality exceptional websites.

We design high quality, custom web site that suite your needs and the way you want it; our talented and innovative design team creates a simple web page to full corporate site.

We Redesign webistes to our customer requirements and needs for better visuals, ranking, navigation etc.

Each design and each Re-modeling is unique creation which will suite your business concept.

We don’t just design or re-design; we take time to be familiar with your business model and your market and work together with you to effectively meet your creative and functional web needs.

Is your business online?

Do you want to get online?

Let us design, re-design and revitalize your online presence.

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