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Computer Upgrade

Is your computer being old? Is your computer becoming slow, slower and slow? Does your computer need more memory?

We offer upgrade services to both home and business. Whatever your reason for upgrade we will meet your needs.

All upgrades aim at either increasing computer speed, functionality, storage or computer styling.

This are our computer upgrade services

Computer Setup

Computers come when they are blank some come with online operating system.

We will set up and optimize your new computer or laptop. We will transfer files, music and photos from your old computer onto your new computer. We will install your peripheral devices and configure software. We will provide adequate time to show you how your new computer works.

Computer Set Up

Service Includes:

  • Data transfer to new computer
  • Install and configure software
  • Setup computer accessories
  • Update security patches
  • Introduction and orientation to new computer

Graphic Card Upgrade

Want to use graphical software or need to play cool games. Whatever the reason we will certify you.

We will take a look at your computer and make personalised recommendations for a proper video card upgrade within your budget since computer graphic cards vary in quality and price.

Graphic Card Upgrade

Service Includes:

  • Installation of graphic card
  • Configuration of graphic card
  • Testing of graphic card

Memory Upgrade

Upgrading your computer memory (RAM) is the best way to increase the overall speed and system performance.

We will add more memory to make your computer faster. We will first evaluate your computer and make recommendation based on your system specs.

Memory UpgradeRam Upgrade

Service Includes:

  • Installation of memory into your computer
  • Testing of your memory

Operating Sytem Upgrade

Older computers can have another life by upgrading the computer operating system. We will configure and update the system with current patches. We also optimise your operating system to fit your computing needs.

Operating System Repair and UpgradeOperating System Upgrade


Service Includes:

  • Data back up
  • Data transfer
  • Hard drive wipe
  • Operating system update and configuration
  • Installation and configurations of software
  • Update security patches
  • Introduction and orientation

Peripheral Device Installation

Computers to need additional peripheral devices like printers, scanners, sound card, tv cards, gaming device and cameras. We install all kind and type of peripheral devices and give you orientation for use of your new equipment.

Peripheral Installation

Service include:

  • Determine compatible peripheral devices
  • Install the devices: PCI cards, Printer setup, Scanner and fax installation, DVD and Cd drives, Digital camera, external storage setup.
  • Orientation to your new equipment.

Processor Installation

You may need to upgrade your processor. The faster the processor the faster your computer and the faster performance and how it respond.

We fit Intel Pentium processors and AMD processors.

Sir Darancoh Processor Installation

Service Included:

  • Evaluate your computer speed and to which speed we can upgrade your computer to.
  • Install the new processor
  • Test the processor and overall computer performance

Upgrade Storage Drive

Your storage is getting low due to more data and files in your computer. We will upgrade your storage space either install a secondary drive in your computer without touching what you already have or increase the storage and transfer all your data from the other drive to the new drive depending on what will work for you.

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