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Computer Tune Up

PC tune-up are great service you can get from us to bump up your computer performance without upgrading hardware.

We will repair issues that lead to computer instability and help to make your computer more secure by removing traces of personal information from your computer.

computer tune up

We make sure PC tune-up to be part of your overall computer strategy, which should include:

  • Firewall
  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-virus
  • Drive defragment
  • Clean up temp files
  • Remove incorrect registry entries
  • Ensure privacy by deleting traces of information left by internet sessions

We are expert and this what includes in Tune-up services:

  • Dust clean up (remove dust that can clog the fans and overheat the hardware)
  • Professional hardware diagnosis check
  • Install of free useful programs
  • Remove unnecessary software
  • Update windows
  • Free up space by removing files
  • Optimize start up program
  • Run an antivirus scan
  • Updateb antivirus program
  • Enable Microsoft windows firewall
  • Delete uncessary system tray programs
  • Defragment your computer
  • Create restore discs
  • Restore your PC to factory default
  • Update your drivers from the manufacturer website

Let us get your computer up and running again!


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