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Computer Services

We offer high quality computer services for all our customers both business and home based.

Our mission is to deliver a tailored solution to each and every customer.

We provide best possible service, fixing any problems in the shortest time possible.

Every member of our team provides outstanding personalised services and we are honest while serving you performing every task in your presence while elaborating.

We guarantee to fix your computer issues, printer problems, LCD repalcement and electronic gadgets and we will satisfy all your technological needs; no matter how big or small the problem is we will fix!

Our computer services are professional and friendly either at your office or at home..............

When companies need help with technological problems, they call us.

Join our client list to experience our fast technological solutions ready at your door step.

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Home customers call us to fix it for them.

Our computer service includes:

1. Printer Repair and Maintenance

2. Networking Services: Installation, Configuration

3. Computer Repair and Maintenance

    • Common Computer Problems:Error message, Slow computer, Not turning on, Strange noises, Overheating
    • Computer Upgrade:Graphic card, Computer setup, Memory, Operating system, Peripheral devices, Processor, Storage drive
    • Computer Tune-Up: Restore performance back to normal functionality
    • Computer Repair: Laptop, Desktop, Servers, Workstation, LCD screen, other electronic gadgets

4. Data Service: Data recovery, File transfer, Data backup

5. Operating System

6. Computer Virus Removal: Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit, Trojan


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