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Common Computer Problems

At Sir Darancoh we handle and cure common computer problems.

Every PC user has common computer problems now and then. Even the most stable, secure machine is not safe from bugs from software and failing hardware.

Here are some of the most common computer problems we

Freexes & Error Messages

The Blue Screen of Death is a major common problems as it brings computer into halt and displays error message. Which is caused by several issues like system running out of memory, software bugs, incompatible hardware drivers, machine overheating, hard drive failure, bad or dead RAM, and loose components inside the machine.

This causes might not only bring error messages but can also cause spontaneous PC shutdown.

computer Problem Overheating Turning on Slow Strange Noises 8

Slow Computer Performance

Low hard drive space, low RAM size in the machine can degrade PC performance.

Deleted files and applications from the computer, all kind of junk mostly are left behind. All these useless files and data accumulate and degrade performance.

Antivirus, Antimalware software’s when they are vital to the health of a computer, can really slow down a PC performance.

computer Problem Overheating Turning on Slow Strange Noises 7

PC Not turning on

You hit the power button and nothing happens. It can be something serious as dead power supply or it might be something simple as loose cord.

Computer turns on and the fan and lights come on, but the machine doesn't boot, or shows a blank screen. This could be anything from a dead (or unplugged) monitor to a dead hard drive or corrupted boot sector.

computer Problem Overheating Turning on Slow Strange Noises 2

Strange Noises

Machine making strange whirring noises this might just be a fan dying due to dust accumulation over time causing fun to get clogged, then slow down, decrease their effectiveness and making unpleasant grinding sound.

Rapid clicks of a hard drive, clunking noise inside your computer this might just be due to your hard drive is close to dying and taking your valuable data with it. To avoid valuable data loss this might be the best time to seek to get a backup plan in place immediately.

It might be a loose component or screw inside the machine that causes this strange noises.

computer Problem Overheating Turning on Slow Strange Noises 5


Machine heat up are computer problems caused by poor ventilation, machine heavy use and dying fan

Overheating causes all other sort of computer problems like strange software performance, mouse glitches, and display problems from graphic cards.

computer Problem Overheating Turning on Slow Strange Noises 6




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