Welcome to Sir Darancoh Consultant Limited


Who We Are

Sir Darancoh Consultant Limited

Is a young fully integrated advertising agency, by choice. Offering A to Z advertising solutions, we love generating and executing ground breaking ideas.

We deliver quality of thinking and innovative communication solutions alongside depth of services. 

We are young and less obligated to old ways of doing business.

You could always expect us to be present with a bucket full of fresh, innovative ideas (because, that’s how we roll).

We implement widely accepted methodology that ensures robust and scalable solutions; adding value to our client by improving each client business process using our integrated technological solutions.

We have answers to solution; every problem to us has a specific solution which we implement to solve the problem.

We provide technological solutions to various individuals and organisations both large and small.

We actually listen to what you need and consistently adapt to the slightest change in your approach to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Our client is the primary focus; we customize individual business solutions and we develop an in depth understanding of our clients’ business processes and strategies.

Our customers have come to rely on us for expert advice and high quality web-based solutions that meet, and often exceed, their expectations.

Our Approach

Our design and development strategy follows a proven interactive process based on the industries based practices.

We work as team to achieve multiple perspectives on a solution.


To be the leading provider of information technology services and strategies, that delivers long term value to our client key requirements.


To provide an integrated technological solutions that adds value to our clients businesses, organisations and life.


Our Clientele

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Why We Are Special...


  • We love what we do and we do it with passion.
  • We are reasonable on cost.
  • We deliver on time.
  • We deliver quality output.
  • We are easily accessible (email or skype).
  • We provide an integrated technological solutions that adds value to our clients.
  • We take time to understand your needs.
  • We are young, enthusiastic and dynamic.
  • We strategize to expand your business.
  • We value relationships.
  • We reply to all of your queries.
  • We offer total web and ICT solutions under one roof.